Back To The Future

Come see and sit in the Back To The Future Delorean!
Then check out props from the films with
The Hill Valley Preservation Society

At Trek-On! we will be joined by the most iconic vehicle in film history, the Delorean from Back To The Future!

This delorean was originally built for the 25th anniversary by Universal Studios, eventually she came to the UK and hasnt left since. Now owned by the guys at after painstaking work, this is now the most screen accurate Delorean you will ever see.

As well as being able to come and check out this legendary car, you will have the opportunity to have a photo taken with you in the drivers seat for just £5!

This delorean has been used by many TV productions and even Christopher Lloyd and Michael J Fox have spent time in this car! So dont miss your chance to sit in the same Delorean as Marty and Doc at Trek-On!

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As well as having the Delorean at Trek-On! we are happy to announce that we will also be joined by The Hill Valley Preservation Society, an award winning Back to the Future prop & costume display, featuring items direct from the films themselves!

You can check out the Hill Valley Preservation Society at

So come and join us as Trek-On! goes back to the future!