The Jedi Fight Academy

We are thrilled to be bringing Andrew Lawden's "Jedi Fight Academy to Trek-On!

If you fancy yourself a bit of a Jedi or are a young padawan, then come and join in one of our classes and put your light saber skills to the test.

Andrew was the stand-in / double for Qui Gon Jin in Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace and just as Qui Gon passed down his knowledge to Obi Wan, Andrew is going to teach you how to handle a light saber and even teach you a bit of a routine from the films.

We will be running four groups through the day and each group can take 16 participants, so make sure you come and put your name down to join in when you arrive to save dissapointment.

Unlike many events, at Trek-On this activity is ABSOLUTELY FREE, so come and join in the fun. The JFA is run on a first come first served basis, to take part please come and add your name  to the list for the time slot you would like to attend. The registration list will be found at the Fight Academy area in Hall 2.