What's going on at Trek-On?

The Delorean
Jedi Fight Academy
The Gaming Zone
Tabletop Gaming
That's right Back To The Future fans, at Trek-On! you will have your chance to see and sit inside the most iconic time machine in film history.

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Hone your light saber skills and learn a routine from one of the Star Wars movies from Qui Gon Jin himself... Well, his stand-in / stunt double.

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We love playing games about our favourite franchises, and we expect your probably the same.
So we have got a dedicated gaming zone so you can get your hands on some of those classic and more.

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As well as electronic games, our gaming zone will include a dedicated tabletop gaming area for you to get your hands on some of the most fun  games around. Brought to you by The D20 Board Game Cafe.

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We are going to be joined by various private collectors who will be coming to display their one of a kind screen used props, from Star Trek, Back To The Future, Star Wars and more.
Panels and Q&As
Chance Encounter
Throughout the day their will be many different talks taking place, including panel's and Q&A sessions with all of our guests.
Our event is going to be packed with dealers, if you are looking for that special piece of merch, then you may be in luck at Trek-On!
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During the day we will be treated to a showing of the new Star Trek fan film "Chance Encounter", which will be followed by a Q&A with its creators Gary & Paul.
Quizzes & Games
Everyone enjoys a good quiz and live gameshow, so that's exactly what your going to get.
Cosplay Contest
Charity Auction
Get your pips on, holster that light sabre and charge up that proton pack, its time for a good old fashioned cosplay contest.
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We will be holding a charity auction to raise money for the Tommy's and the Hospice of St. Francis.